Mr.Sche - Devil Haze

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Mr.Sche takes you on a journey of man caught between doing whats right, and doing whats needed. In the process, drugs over take ones ability to think straight , having dillusions of comfort. What may seem as an easy outlet in the begining, may have crucial consequences in the end. A drunken mind speaks a truthful tongue, but whos words will you be truly speaking? Dark things lurk closely to a troubled soul.

Track Listing

1. The Temptation
2. Im Stressed Out
3. Lost & Found
4. I Feel Wicked & Violent
5. Devil Haze
6. Tools Up!
7. Daddy Dont Leave!
8. Im From The UndaWorld
9. Reefer Smoker!
10. All About We
11. Legion feat. B-Dub, Prophet, DJ Insane
12. Devil Haze Mafia feat. DJ Insane, Lil Awree, B-Dub, T.N.T